Statue of Buddha stolen, police and CID investigate

An incident has been unveiled this morning as some socialites stole a Buddha idol from the Buddhagiri hill in the Mul taluka of Chandrapur district. After the incident, there has been a rage among Buddhists and a large crowd of followers. Some of the Buddhist monks there worshiped on the morning of the August 20. He then left for Chandrapur, then at around 10:30 pm, when he went to worship the Buddha idol, the Buddha monk did not find any Buddha idol. But the idol did not appear anywhere.

The Buddhist followers are demanding immediate arrest by making inquiries about the thieves, making inquiries about the thieves and making immediate arrests. The matter is being investigated under the guidance of CID and Thanedar Kasar of the original police station. At this time, the CID police are investigating through the vehicle by bringing the Swan named Jan to the place where the idol was set up.

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