Training of farmers to manage CICR on Pink Bond Alley

Researchers under the Central Cotton Research Institute Nagpur have been implementing this government sponsored project of Pest Immunization Management Pink Bond Alley Management Ranitai from 2018 in Patla, Ralegaon, Mangaon, Thorana and Shebal villages in Bhadravati Varora taluka in Chandrapur. Mohan Narode, senior research assistant of Chinna Babu Naik, and Bhushan Munjekar showed the farmers how to plant a trichocard and pheromone trap.

The project has also been implemented during the current cotton season, where a total of 50 beneficiaries of these 5 villages have been adopted on farmer's fields. The beneficiary farmers have been allocated 55 acre traps for the control of pesticide pest control, Sonica Maid and Neem oil and Pink Bond aloe. It's been a day, but nowhere else has the pink Bond Alley spread You next 10 to 15 days immediately after the cotton to monitor the traps through kamagandha the basis of the actual regular visits and discussions should lead to the incidence and control strategy has been to raise awareness about the leaven of the farmers in.

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