Vagad Pace Global School Virar, a 'Super 50' tribal here Students dream of being fulfilled.

The 'Super 50' initiative, implemented by the Tribal Development Department from the point of view of higher education for tribal students, will fulfill my dream of pursuing a career in aeronautics, trying to get into higher education at NASA. To enhance the quality and overall development of the tribal students, the Tribal Development Department has launched a 'Super 50' program in association with the IITians Pace Education Institute. The inauguration ceremony of the event was held on Tuesday at Vagad Pace Global School, Virar. At. Tribal Development Minister Dr. The event was inaugurated by Ashok Uike. Manisha Verma, Principal Secretary, Tribal Development Department, Pravin Tyagi, Trustee of Wagad Pace Global School. Under this program, 50 tribal students living in remote areas of Maharashtra will be provided residential training on the 11th, 12th CBSC syllabus as well as medical and engineering entrance examinations and efforts will be made to gain access to reputed institutions.

The 'Super 50' program aims to provide quality education to the tribal students living in remote areas of Maharashtra, train them for engineering and medical entrance exams and gain students access to a nationally renowned institution. The program is being implemented for students who have passed Class X with the help of a designated institute called IITS Pace Educational Private Limited. For the admission of this program, a preliminary examination of 8 thousand tribal students who have passed Class X in Government Ashram School, Aided Ashram School, Eklavya Model Residential Hostel was taken. 600 students were selected for the second round. In these two exams, 50 tribal students who have passed good marks have been selected for admission to the Wag Pace Global School.

Of these, 34 students have been selected for engineering and 16 students for medical examination. Selected students will be trained for the JEE, Bitsat, AIIMS, NET examinations along with the Eleventh XII CBSC syllabus. This educational program will provide students seeking admission to engineering and medical fields to study at the best colleges in the country. These students are being trained at Vagad Pace Global School Virar. In this two-year educational program, 11.25 lakh for engineering courses and 4.21 lakh for medical courses have been supported. It provides school education, training, admission and accommodation for the students.

Must have strong willpower, need to be determined to do something rich in life, have to plan education, have the ability to work but have no self confidence. It has to be confident. Minister for Tribal Development, Dr, believes that this institution will definitely bring tribal students to a higher level of knowledge due to the 'Super 50' scheme. Powered by Blogger. IITian Pace Educational is a very well known organization. Tribal students have gained access to their merits in this institute. Manisha Verma, Principal Secretary of the Tribal Development Department, believes that tribal students will be ready for engineering and medical admissions in the next two years.

The Tribal Development Department had requested to send only quality students for the Super 50 admission, according to which the department has cooperated and sent the students who have passed the rigorous examination of 50 tribal students. The work done by the Tribal Development Department for the students is especially appreciated, said Praveen Tyagi, Trustee of Wagpad Global School.

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