What is Blogging and How to Blogging.?

Blogging has become one of the best online means of putting your thinking and information in front of the world. Many people are making their own blog and reaching their information through blog, and through blogging, they are trying to become popular in front of the world by becoming popular.

Although blogging has become a very popular word nowadays and most internet users know about Blog and Blogging, but there are some people who do not know about blogging or are still trying to learn about it.
Therefore, this entire post of mine today is about Blogging and Blog, so that only those who do not know or want to know about it can help.

Today in this post, we will know what benefits can we get from What is Blogging and How to Blogging. Therefore, those who want to know about blogging, read this entire post and understand about blogs and blogging.

What is Blog or Blogging and what benefits can we get from Blogging.?

  • What is Blogs.?
  • What is blogging.?
  • Who is a blogger.?
  • How to create a blog.?
  • What is needed to make a blog.?
  • How to do blogging.?
  • Blogging's Benefits.

What is Blogs.?

Blogs are a medium with which we can reach any kind of information or information in our language. These are online means of keeping your information up to social media. Understand in simple terms, a blog would be a kind of website, on which we can write or put anything to reach people. It can also be called a short form of website.

What is blogging.?

Blogging is to maintain a blog, set it up, update it regularly and update. Blogging would be associated with the Sabbath blog, which would have no meaning without a blog. In other words, any kind of activity done on a blog is called blogging.

Who is a blogger.?

Any kind of activity in a blog is called a blogger. The blogger is the person who creates, designs and sets up the blog, or who writes and updates the posts on the blog.

For Example: - I have a blog, so I became a blogger, and if I am writing and maintaining a blog post, then it will be called blogging and I am a blogger.

How to create a blog.?

Creating your own blog is not a difficult task. Everyone who has good knowledge of internet, and also computer knowledge, can easily create their own blog. To create a blog you need to choose a good blogging platform. You can make a blog free and by paying.

If you want to make a blog for free, then these are some good blog platforms for you.

You can create your blog for free from here. If you want to create a blog for free, then you will be asked to choose Blogger.com and if you want to make a blog by paying money, then WordPress will be the best. You can make a blog both on WordPress for free and for money. To create a blog for money, you need to get a domain name and hosting. By choosing one of these platforms, you can start your blog in a few steps, start your blog in just 5 minutes.

What is needed to make a blog.?

To create a blog, you must have an email ID. Email must be made of Gmail ID. Apart from this, it is important to have good knowledge of computer, internet and internet also. You can also create a blog from a smartphone. For this, the smartphone should be good, so that there is no problem in doing all the work.

How to do blogging.?

Creating a blog and finding a career in blogging is a good way for everyone, but for this you need to come to blogging well. Without blogging and blogging information, you cannot do anything. To blogging you need to learn a lot.

Know how to do blogging.

  • Set up your blog well.
  • Get domain name and hosting.
  • Create New posts daily.
  • Choose your blog topic.
  • Add blog to search Engine.
  • Add to Analytics.
  • Blogging's Benefits.

Set up your blog well.

After creating a blog, it is very important to setup your blog properly. It is one of the main parts of blogs and blogging. Create your blog and design it well. Use a good template for your blog and set it up perfectly. Apart from this, add the necessary widgets to your blog and give your blog a good look.

Get domain name and hosting.

Get your own domain name and hosting. It is difficult to succeed in blogging without it. Domain name is necessary for the setup of your blog and this makes your blog look professional in search, and with hosting you can give the desired look to your blog and add plugins of your choice.

If you want to get a domain name

And if you want to get hosting.

Create New posts daily.

Posting is a main part of blogging. Without posting, neither blog can succeed nor blogging. If you want to make your blog famous, and want to succeed in blogging, then post daily. It is necessary.

Choose your blog topic.

Before starting blogging and posting anything, you have to choose the topic of your blog. Before creating a blog, select a topic for your blog, on which topic you want to blog, they blogging on the same topic and write a post. Always make blogs on the topic on which you know the most, Ex: Blogging, Technology, Health, News etc.

Add blog to search Engine.

It is very important to link the blog to the search engine, if without adding the blog to the search engine, the blog will not come in Google search and you will not get much traffic. So to bring the blog to Google search, add the blog to the Google search console. This will be considered a part of blogging. By doing this you will get proper traffic.

Add to Analytics.

Linking blogs with Google Analytics is an essential part of blog and blogging. This is only part of blogging. Analytics provides all the data of your blog, 
Ex.- visitors, page views, how visitors come to the blog and where they come from. Therefore, to know the complete status of the blog, it is necessary to link the blog with Google Analytics.

Blogging's Benefits.

  • Blogging will strengthen your writing skills, you will learn to write and you improve on your language.
  • Blogging or blog can make you famous. Through this you can make your own identity in the world, and can become famous as a blogger.
  • By doing blogging, your technical information will also increase, you will learn coding and internet information will also increase.
  • Your best benefit from blogging is that you can make money from blogs. Once your blog becomes famous, you can make good money with it. Google Adsense will help you in this work.

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