Favorite songs that can be heard for profile Story on Facebook


Facebook is a great news for users, as Facebook launches its music products in India with the help of music products, users can express their opinions through song.

Likewise, favorite songs can be heard in Facebook profile and story. Features like Sticker Music Stickers, Lyrics, Lip Sync Live will be featured on the story on Instagram.

With the help of new products, users can use popular Bollywood songs in Facebook and Instagram Story. This product from Facebook is available in 55 countries.

Favorite songs that can be heard for profile, story on Facebook


The purpose of Facebook

'The purpose of the company is to allow users to connect with many people through the songs on the platform,' said Manish, Director and Partnership Head of Facebook India.

New app for Instagram

Facebook is rolling out a new messaging app, enabling users to share more with their friends. Thread is the name of this app and Facebook is planning to launch this new messaging app for Instagram.

With the help of Threads you can be invited to share location, speed and battery life with people in close friend list.

With the help of Instagram's creative tools, social media posts such as text, photos and video messages can be shared, but Facebook has not yet provided any details.

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