Carefull! This message is going viral on WhatsApp

False messages have been reported to become more viral on WhatsApp for months. However, some things have been banned by the government and the company in order to prevent false messages from going viral.

A similar message is currently going viral on WhatsApp, and users are being sent false messages saying that the shoes of the Adidas brand are being given free of charge. Users have been urged not to fall prey to this false message.

On WhatsApp, a message is being sent that Adidas brand shoes are being offered free by a gang of users. A link is also given. In this message, Adidas is said to have given 700 shoes and 7,000 t-shirts from Adidas due to the completion of 70 years.

Last year, they misled people by the name of Adidas. At the time, it was reported that 3000 shoes were being offered by Adidas. He was also asked to claim the shoes by giving him the link.

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