WhatsApp launch by New Feature


WhatsApp brings a new feature to your users, with the help of this feature you can share your WhatsApp status directly on Facebook Messenger Stories. Initially, this feature was only available for beta version users. This feature has now been updated in the phones of all users.

Status on Facebook will remain !

Like the Facebook story, the status uploaded on WhatsApp appears 24 hours, this update will allow you to link WhatsApp status to Facebook. But after deleting the WhatsApp status, the status on Facebook will remain. The status of the place will not be deleted.


The story looks like a screenshot after sharing the WhatsApp status on Facebook. Therefore, only photos or picture text will be visible in the status shared on Facebook via WhatsApp. If you share any link beyond that, it will not appear in Facebook Story.

Remember this!

If you want to share WhatsApp status on Facebook, your phone must have Facebook, Facebook Lite and Facebook App in iPhone. Also, if there is no new feature added in WhatsApp, please update to the new version from the Play Store.

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