Coming soon with Google's new app
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Considering Tik-Tok's craziness in its youth, the new Google app will be coming soon to hit Tik-Tok. Google is trying to buy 'firework', the popular social video sharing app in the United States. China's micro-blogging website Weibo, along with Google, is also considering buying fireworks. However, Google is ahead of other companies in the race to buy fireworks.

Fireworks made its entry in India last month. Fireworks received $ 100 million in profits earlier this year in fundraising. Firework Loop is part of apps made with Now Technology.

This app for short video mocking and sharing is different from Tik-Tok. Firework users can create up to 30 seconds of video. Video can be made up to 15 seconds in Tik-Tok. Vertical and horizontal videos can also be shot. The Firework App is available for Android and iOS users. The number of users who use this app is over 1 million.

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