How to backup your photos with Google Photos

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How to backup your photos using a free platform which is google photos google photos is amazing so I'm going to show you first the desktop client then I'm going to show you how to do it on your mobile device as well either if you're using an Android or an iOS device so the first thing you want to do is go over to photos slash apps and then what you are at that URL you're going to see this guy pop-up here what you're going to want to do is download the desktop version here I'm on a Mac it works the same way for Windows I'm going to go ahead and install the Google Photos application and once you do that if you're on a Mac you can drag the icon over to the Applications folder go ahead and drag that there and then once you have it in your Applications folder go ahead and open up the Google Photos.

Application again it's going to work the same way on a Windows as it does on a Mac so I'm going to minimize that now and show you guys exactly what it looks like so it's going to ask you hey by using google photos back up you agree to Google's terms and services and privacy policies and all of that understand you are putting all of this stuff on the cloud so you do need to understand that then you're going to see this here click the blue continue button it's going to say you need to log into your Google account again this is pretty standard so make sure you go ahead and log into your Google account once you have logged into your Google account it's going to ask you what do you want to back up onto Google photos so for the purposes of my situation I'm not going to back up the cameras and storage cards because I do some photography and wedding videography on the side so that would kind of be redundant so we'll do a photo library Apple photos library desktop and pictures then what we're going to do is select from two options you're going to have either high quality or original I always choose high quality because it's free and unlimited and if you want to you can do the originals.

You have 80 you have a little over 100 gigs right at 100 gigs that Google provides to you if you want to do the original file size but high quality is perfectly fine trust me I've tried both of them if you want to get more storage you can click this button here and it will show you the prices for additional amounts of storage click the blue button that says start backup it will then say Google photos backup is a go click OK now you can click in your little icon up here on a Mac or down below on a Windows and you can say hey I want to view uploaded photos or I want to go to Google photos so basically you can see hey how many photos mom is Google photos backing up and basically you can do all of that here in the preferences now now that you know how to do it on the desktop let's jump over to the mobile device and I will show you how to do it over there as well alright guys and now I'm going to be showing you how to do this on your mobile device it's even easier than the desktop version so what you're going to want to do is navigate to your app store whether you're using an Android or an iPhone whatever device you're using download the Google Photos app.

How to backup your photos with Google Photos

It's going to look like the little colorful pinwheel like it did on the desktop app go ahead and open up the Google Photos app so I'm logged out of everything here you're going to see the little pin will spin for a few seconds then it's going to say get started it's going to say backed up safely all that good animation stuff there click on get started now remember when you're doing this you're giving Google access to your images on your device so if you're worried about security understand that's what you're doing go ahead and click OK underneath that then it says Google Photos would like to send you notifications I always click allow' here that way I know when it's back something up and then once you've done all of that it's going to ask you this it's going to say are you going to give Google access to backup and sync so say yes go ahead and click that little blue checkmark there if it's over to the left right there make sure you click the button there that says turn on and make sure the blue switch is all the way over to the right I don't normally do use cellular data to backup.

Because again those of you without unlimited data plans that may end up hurting you in the long run but if you do want to use cellular data you can click the bottom one there but what I found is that when I get back to a Wi-Fi network it happens so quickly that it really doesn't matter then what you're going to do is tap on the blue continue button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen then it's going to ask you the same thing and ask you over on the desktop it says the upload size for your photos and videos and again remember this is for videos as well I always choose the high quality version number one it's free and it's unlimited right so those are two really good things and number two I've compared the two when I've uploaded the originals on photos they come out slightly better especially if you have a super nice camera like on the iPhone 7 plus or the Galaxy sevens and eights and above but again there's really not that much of a difference and when you're storing this much data unless you're a professional photographer I'm not quite sure you're really going to want that the raw images but if you want that you can click the originals there and do it that way if you want but I'm going to go ahead and choose high quality tap the continue button once more.

It's then going to say give you a few different animations here then click the checkbox at the bottom there and then as you see you're going to see all of these images of the things that I've taken on my phone and you're going to see the little white sync option there on the bottom right hand corner but if we tap the assistant button in the lower left hand side of the screen it's actually going to show you a progress bar of hey here's how many photos we have to back up and as you can see here. I have like over 1,800 that need to be backed up again I'm doing this from a fresh account for the purposes of this tutorial but guys how easy is that it's a free backup solution from Google and you may be wondering what's the benefit that Google gets from this providing you this free service well they get to improve their facial recognition software and their object recognition software because they're going to have data of all of these images that are being uploaded to their servers and their service so that's what they get from that and you have to sacrifice a little bit of your peace of mind and security knowing that you're uploading all of your images on to the web into the cloud I always want to make sure I make that clear but seriously Google and the Google photos in that system and the ecosystem is just so easy to use and that's how you do it on the desktop client as well as the mobile device

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