How to premiere a video on YouTube
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How to premiere a video on YouTube so what is a YouTube premiere so if you premiere a video and I'm about to show you exactly how to do that do that it allows you to actually upload a video and then in live or real time allows your viewers to be notified that hey a premiere is about to go live at a certain time you can schedule the premiere I'll show you how to do that shortly and you can watch and comment and interact with your viewers as they watch your video in real time it's a really cool feature and again I think it's going to be tailored for certain types of channels like maybe vlogging channels my type of channel where I do tutorials it's not a real big deal but for those of you who have channels around communities this is going to be a huge thing for you so if you want a premiere video start the upload process as you normally would as you can see here click the little icon here go to upload video just like I did there and then once you're ready you're gonna see something here to the right of your upload that says a new premieres now it probably always won't say it like this but you will see a premiere feature here click the little tab here that has a check mark by the actual premiere icon here now as you noticed.

I have not published my video yet I've just uploaded and processed the video now once I'm ready I'm going to see now a blue button button that says premiere now now if you want to schedule the premiere click the drop down menu here where it says public and go to scheduled and then you're going to see now just like you would schedule a normal video upload you're now scheduling a premiere so let's go ahead and go to say tomorrow 10:30 a.m. whatever your timezone is this is if you want to schedule it obviously for the purposes of this video I want to do it now to show you how this looks if we go up here now and click on the blue premiere Now button also real quick if you click on the learn more icon here it's going to show you all of the different best I guess you would say practices of YouTube premieres that YouTube tells you to do I found a little bit of use out of this you can click on that and see if that's something that you want to do so once you're ready to go and premiere the video click the blue button here that says premiere now where it normally says upload or publish whatever it normally says click the premiere Now button it'll say your changes are being saved and then it's going to give you the link right here where you can go to your video so you need to make sure that you click that you know copy that link where you normally would all right and then once you've gone to the link of your premiere very simple paste it into your browser go to that link now you're going to see this is going to give a countdown right here up to the premiere it's a really cool and then down below you'll see the moderation this is going to be your chat box down here.

This is one of my side channels where there's really no one here actually there's another person watching I'm not sure who that is but as you can see down below here you're gonna have your chat box and then basically when this minute is up you will see the video go live and then basically you just interact with your viewers now if you want to see what it looks like to your subscribers or to the people going to watch the video it'll look like this here I'm gonna pop up an image just like this here this is what they're gonna see allow them to set a reminder of you know the premieres going to go live here I recommend scheduling it about thirty minutes or an hour out if you're wanting to do that or again you can schedule it for in the next couple of days what are the benefits of premieres well you will be able to have that live interaction with your audience with it which is crucial in the current day and age also watch time tends to be longer on these premiere videos why is that because people are watching with the Creator and they're able to talk it out talk to them about the video as you can see once it gets down to the last 10 seconds you're gonna see this here I'm gonna go ahead and mute this now and then BOOM once it has counted down that you're going to see now in a few seconds the video boom just like that it's playing the video like it normally would now it's really neat that you're able to have these features I highly recommend if you want to get the most out of these features to interact with your viewers.

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