How to sign up and set up your Google Adsense account

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how to sign up and set up your Google Adsense account I've done an older Articles on this but I want to update it for 2019 and moving forward alright let's go ahead and jump into it so the first thing you need to understand is first off what is Google Adsense Google Adsense is the ability to run ads via Google purchased ads on your website your blog things like that now I will say this YouTube ad revenue and Google Adsense are completely separate now you can't monitor your ad revenue on Adsense you can't look at it you can't it's in no way related so all of the money that you're going to be making from your YouTube channel. will be able to be seen on your YouTube analytics not via your Google Adsense dashboard so make sure you understand that so we're going to need our email address our URL of our website and you're also gonna need a way for Google to pay you again all of that's going to be dependent on the country that you are in if you're in the United States you're gonna have different abilities to accept payments as opposed if you're in a different country so let's go ahead and start the process so obviously you're gonna need a website I'm gonna go ahead and set up my website dusty Porter com here and next you want to go ahead and enter your e-mail address. so go ahead and type in your email address here and then once you're ready to go you can get helpful adsense info at that email address I recommend clicking yes this is not very spammy it's very helpful actually and then once you've finished this page go ahead and click Save and continue once you've hit save and continue it will log you in to your Google account this is so much easier if you have a gmail or a Google related account you can do it the other way if you have a separate email address but it's much more convoluted highly recommend using a gmail or Google account so if all of this information is correct your a name your email.

The URL of your site which is what we just typed in leave that there select your country or territory this is extremely important as this is very much related to you have a getting paid so you need to make sure that you enter in and input the correct country or territory that you're located again all of the different things in this video are gonna be relevant to you no matter where you are in the world but there may be a few options available for your country that isn't for others so remember that go ahead and accept the terms and conditions and click create account now here's a couple of things to kind of frequently asked questions that you guys have asked me before about Adsense number. one you have to meet the payment threshold you have to meet the payment threshold in order to get paid by Google so for the United States that number is $100 until you reach that thres hold you will not get paid ok you will not see any type of money from Google until you reach that thres hold the next thing is you must be have 18 year's old or above so when it come to running Google ads or setting up adsense account you need to understand that you need to make sure that you are above the age of 18 or your parents signs up for you and then they can deal with that later and give you the money how ever they want to do that so 18 year's or older and you also need to reach the threshold of $100 so go ahead and get through the quick starts gonna let you know kind of a little bit more about it if you want to do that go ahead and click get started.
There next we're going to be able to enter in our information it's going to say payment address details now this is going to be the information they use when they go ahead and send you or release the payments for you so this is very important you need to put your real name you need to put your real address that kind of thing now under account type we're gonna see something here we can click the pencil and hit the drop-down menu either you're an individual or you're a business so if you're an individual or a hobbyist you know you do this here if you're just starting a blog up this would be you here individual if you are a business or an LLC then you need to click business I'm gonna do individual for this one name and address my name Dusty Porter address line will go right here city state zip code phone number and then once you've entered in all of your pertinent information here make sure it's correct make sure you spell check it click the blue submit button down below I'm gonna go ahead and type mine in and see you on the other side all right and then once you've entered in your account information your payment information is going to say connect your site to Adsense. so it's gonna tell you that you can actually use the following code or this code here is called HTML code and you can put that on the backend of your website so you can go into your website if you know how to get into the HTML tags of your site in cop this code between the head tags in your HTML code and then that will allow Google to verify your site so basically it doesn't matter you know if you're a wordpress user you can do it one way if you're a Squarespace user you can do it another way just Google how to get the Adsense code on your site so go ahead and copy that code paste it in your website and then click done just like that there then it's going to say activating your account it said it usually takes a little under a day but that's kind of what you want to do and if you need to come back you can always go back show that code and do it that way here now remember when you're setting up an adsense account it's important to understand you know those things.

that I told you earlier about the threshold about having to be a certain age and again you need to make sure you're copying this code putting it on the back end of your website that way Google can go and verify your site because if you're not you know going to be able to verify your account then you're not gonna be accepted into the Adsense program so that's kind of how it works now I'm gonna hop over to my normal account and show you how to manage your ads and how to do things like that alright guys I've signed up for another Adsense account for the purposes of this video so I can show you how to kind of run your ads how to optimize your ads and how to basically take a look at your analytics so once you've been verified once you've copied your code put it on the backend of your website Google sent you an email saying you've been verified there's a couple of things you're gonna want to do first first thing you want to do is go to the payments tab here click on payments. there and then underneath the payments tab you're gonna see a few different things you're gonna see your earnings you're gonna see some transactions and then you're going to see how you get paid okay so under this one here under manage payment methods you need to make sure you click on manage payment methods right here and you add a payment method so go ahead and go to add payment method and then go from here if you're in the United States you're gonna be able to choose a bank account either a savings checking or business you'll need the routing number the account number and do that that will need to be verified once you save that Google will send you a couple of small payments of a few cents each you'll need to verify that and then you'll be able to get you know received payments to that bank account many people ask me can I get sent money by Google via PayPal or stripe or something like that as of right now no Google says they're working on trying to accept Mort of payments but right now.

How to sign up and set up your Google Adsense account

it's only via a check account so right here you can see at a payment method at a bank account do all the information and then go from there next you want to click the Settings icon or the gear icon underneath payments this will allow you to go through make sure you have all of your information correct as and far as your personal and your account information all of this needs to be up and running and in order to see if you have been accepted or your site has been verified to go to my sites it'll show overview here and then if you see a green checkmark by your site right here you will then be able to understand that yes I can run ads on that specific site and it has been verified so that's kind of how you do that next let's go to home click on the home button again this will take you to your dashboard it'll show you the performance of your ads it'll show you how much you've earned so far how much you earned yesterday how much you earned and that this month previous week all of that good stuff will be here on your dashboard on the home link next we're gonna want to go to my ads under my ads you're gonna be able to see the different types of ads that you've created the different sizes of those ads as well as the ID and if they're active or not so in order to create a new ad basically all you need to do is click this little addition symbol that says new ad unit right here once you've created a new ad unit basically you can decide what type of ad you want to run do you want to do a text ad a matched content ad in feeds ad or in articles ad I recommend starting with the text or display ads feature click that one there and then you'll be able to kind of say oh is it going to be a responsive ad that kind of adjust with its you know the way it's being viewed do you want it to be a leaderboard ad which is like the ones that are at the top like you see here do you want it to be a rectangle do you want it to be a mobile ban or a skyscraper so choose the aesthetics of your ad give your ad a name so name the ad up here so say name ad one up there at the top and then choose the type of ad that you want recommended is the responsive ad there that one's actually a very good one there and then down below go to save and get code and that will give you the code for that ad now the first thing that you're gonna want to do before you do any of this is make sure that you go through here like and change the colors and things like that to look really good on your site but when you're ready when got the add the way that you want go ahead and click save and get code and it's gonna produce another string of HTML code for you and that will need to be copied and then pasted on the back end of your site.

if you're using WordPress or Squarespace or Wix or one of the big platforms like that very very easy to just copy this code paste it over there as a widget and it works like that if you want to see kind of what one of my ads looks like you can just kind of click here I'll click one of my ads here and you can see one that I like to use is the banner ad here and then I can put that wherever I want it over on my website again you don't really have control over what that ad shows except for the fact of Google begins to learn what your site is about and then hopefully you hope and cross your fingers that the ads will that are running on top of your website will indeed be relevant to your content so again you got your ads here you got ad styles there and then you can go to performance reports and then optimizations at that point but that's really it guys that's how you setup your adsense account from start to finish and then start running ads alright guys and the last thing I want to show you is how to link your adsense account to your YouTube channels so there's a couple of things that are way different now than they were a few months ago so you need to make sure that you understand exactly what I'm about to say so first thing you need to do is go over to your Creator studio click your profile image in the upper right hand corner and then go to creator studio right here and then once you're there you're gonna want to navigate over to where you see channel click on the channel link there has the little profile of a person there and then go to monetization so once you're there go to Channel and then make sure everything is eligible right here under monetization go ahead and click on enable the button that says enable there then it's going to say account status monetization is not enabled obviously because I'm showing you how to do it but you need to understand that just recently YouTube has changed the partner program to where you now starting next month March of 2018 you have to have four thousand hours of watch time in the previous twelve months and a thousand subscribers to even apply so this is the application where you do that so the first thing you need to do is read and agree.

The YouTube Partner Program terms which is what we just did so click start there make sure you go ahead and click that I agree I will not opt into any of that they and then go ahead and click I accept and then once you accept the terms and conditions it'll say then you need to sign up for adsense well we just did that so you can click that button there it'll either say start if you click the start button it'll take you to your adsense profile and it'll just say hey do you want to link them so go ahead and click start like you see there and then it's gonna say you will be redirected to Adsense so if we click Next like now it's gonna ask you to then log in to your adsense account I'm not going to do that because there's no need showing you that basically it's just a couple of clicks and you've linked up your adsense account and your YouTube channel and then the final thing to do to make sure you can start running ads on your videos is again reach those thresholds of a thousand subs and four thousand hours of watch time and also go ahead and start monetizing your videos in order to do that go to your video manager go to edit and then once you're there click the monetization tab here and then click the check box here that says monetize with ads and then the monetization status will either be green with a white money symbol which means it is monetized or a yellow one which means that it has been demonetised so if you want to make money from your videos this little icon here needs to show as green as you can see here in my video manager if we go down my video list we can see the videos that I monetized do indeed have that green icon that says monetized and upload and so that's it that's how you link your YouTube channel to your adsense account remember the the hang-ups that people normally have are well why didn't.

I get paid probably cuz either you didn't reach the threshold or you haven't set your payment method up yet you need to do that and again if you're in different countries your payment methods may be different like Western Union or MoneyGram or whatever country you're in you need to go to the Terms of Service page and read that and speaking of terms and service Terms of Service I want to end this video by saying this you need to go in Google Google Adsense Terms of Service read everything there first before even running your first ad the last thing you want to do is sign up go to this whole process and get your adsense account blocked Google is tightening the reins with every passing month so make sure your content on your site is you know approved by their Terms of Service and you don't have anything against their policies because if you do they will revoke your privileges of starting and running ads through their system and let's be real people want to try to find new alternatives to and you know Google Adsense but in reality the Google Adsense platform is easy it's very intuitive it looks good and SP real that's where the a lot more of the money is so remember that and then lastly don't forget that if you aren't of the age of 18 or above and again this may very dependent on country you need to have your apparent sign you up and then their information will be on your account.

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