ISRO First Digital Map App 'NAVIK'

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The Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) has created the first digital map 'NAVIK' for the countrymen. This map will be used on smartphones with Qualcomm processors from 2020 onwards. ISRO and Qualcomm Technology have partnered to create the 'It' map app. In addition, IRNSS technology will also be supported on the Navik platform.

Qualcomm's location-based technology is currently underway with seven Indian satellites. This will allow users to know the exact location. This service is only available to a handful of smartphones and automotive users, due to the use of chipset in this navigation map by Isstro and Qualcomm. Navigator and standard GPS work together to make it very accurate navigation.

K. Shivan : Help with the of Navik we strive to accelerate the development of the country. People are going to benefit a lot from this.

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