Now you decide to join the WhatsApp group or not?

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Users get an update on WhatsApp. The group privacy setting is rolled out for Android and iOS users, so that the users can select whether or not to join the group.

WhatsApp for ios WhatsApp for Android Beta 2.19.298 has a new privacy setting related to the group. Users can now decide which person in the group can add them.

It has three options for each, My Contacts and My Contacts Except. The group will not be able to directly add admin users, there will be an option to invite.

》 For group invitations, do the following :

For this feature go to WhatsApp settings and click on Account option. In the groups of privacy options, users get invitations control options like Everyone, My Contacts and My Contacts Except.

1. Everyone :
This allows users to add anyone to the contact group.

2. My Contacts :
This allows users to add users to the contact list.

3. My Contacts Except :
The selected contacts on this setting cannot add a user directly.

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