Photos and videos may disappear from WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has once again found a bug, which allows hackers to make all chats disappear with the help of a GIF file. This bug was reported by Security Researcher Awakened.

WhatsApp Explanation:

  • Since this bug was removed last month, users have nothing to worry about.
  • While this bug does not leak any information of users, their privacy is protected.
  • Also, the company has asked one billion of its users to update WhatsApp.

What was the exact bug? 

  • The GIF file that hackers are using for hacking contains viruses.
  • After sending a GIF file, hackers wait through the WhatsApp user's phone in the gallery and then they can view your photos and videos in the gallery.
  • This bug was in the 2.19.230 version of WhatsApp.


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