Danger for Smartphones from AntiVirus


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Many people use antivirus apps to keep data safe on mobile. Many install the most downloaded app to avoid smartphone malware viruses.

Now an antivirus app has been discovered, which is dangerous for users. This was discovered by VPNPro, a privacy and security research firm.

》 Special:

These apps are available to over 190 million phones worldwide.

Some of these are apps, which even charge for uninstalling from a smartphone.

These dangerous apps sell data collected by the user's permission. Moreover, it spreads malware.

》 This apps:

1. Security master
2. Antivirus Free 2019
3. 360 Security
4. Virus Cleaner 2019
5. Super Phone Cleaner
6. 360 Security Lite
7. Super Cleaner
8. Clean Master
9. Super Security
10. Antivirus Mobile

The security firm said the app has been downloaded 50 million times.

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