Facebook Tips and Tricks 


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Facebook goes first as the world's most popular social media platform. Nowadays, Facebook has some saying tricks. But many of them do not know, with these tricks make Facebook chat fun. Learn about.

The 'Snooze' option is great for users who are constantly posting in Facebook's Friendlist.

To turn off Birthday notifications on Facebook, turn on Birthday notifications in Notifications by going to Settings.

Facebook users will get your Facebook Information option in the setting to download their full data. Download Your Information can be downloaded by clicking on it.

There are new app invites and game requests coming to Facebook daily. Those requests can be closed. To do this, click on the blocking option in the setting. Scroll down and select the Block App Invite option.

The user should download the Unseen for Facebook Chrome extension so that the person in the chat does not understand that you are reading the message. After installing it, tap on the Messenger icon in the browser toolbar and turn it on.

Online status can be blocked from some people on Facebook as well as block their messages. For this, block users will get the option of blocking option in settings. Type the name of the person you want to block.

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