Instagram brings features like Tik Tok

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Instagram users are increasing day by day. Against this backdrop, the company is also trying to make the features available to users on Instagram.

It has now rolled out a new feature and featured features like TikTok in Instagram's Boomerang Stories.

》 Features:

Features like SloMo, Echo and Duo are provided. Users can also stream video using these features. Boomerang videos can be converted at half the speed of their original speed with the help of the SloMo feature.

With the help of Echo feature, there will be a double vision effect that can be used by both Boomerang and Duo.

To get these new features on your Instagram, you need to go to Camera option and remove the Boomerang video. Then launch the Story Camera and swipe the boomerang.

After tapping the shutter button, you have to hold and tap on the infinity target. After doing so, you will be able to use the features on Tik Tok.

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