The color that can be changed when chatting on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp rolls out the latest update 2.20.13 to the Google Play BT program. The much-awaited feature is launched by the beta version.

This means that now users can change the color of the chat while chatting. This feature is going to look like a dark theme.

 》 Feature:

▪ Users will need to update WhatsApp first to use this new feature of beta version.

▪ Then go to WhatsApp Setting and go to Chats option.

▪ In this, users will be given 4 options: Light theme, Dark theme, System Default and Set by Battery Saver.

▪ This feature is especially useful for those who use Android Q.

▪ Also, Set By Battery Saver feature works on all versions of Android 9 and below. The Light / Dark theme will be selected as per the battery saver.

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