Tangi, Heard About It? Google’s Answer To TikTok

'Tangi', Google's take on TikTok.

MK Digital Line
60-second format videos which is similar fashion to TikTok, also commenting and sharing, liking features are the same. 

Small team within Area 120, Google’s lab for experimental projects, has built the app. 'TeAch aNd GIve' and 'tangible', the company stated that the name of the app was inspired by these words.

'We’ve been working with creators who already make these kinds of videos so that Tangi can become a place where they have a voice to inspire other makers,' Google stated.

The _Apple App Store_ and the app’s own website (tangi.co) has Tangi as of now. No official announcement for Android users.

Uploading the videos has not been allowed as of now by the company, neither for the iOS nor for the website user gets the access for uploading.

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