Pioneer of Industrialization in India : Jamsetji Tata

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Born on 3 March 1839, as a family tradition, Jamsetji was expected to become a Parsi priest but rebelled so that he can fulfill his ambitions, and grew the TATA industries.

Post 1857 Indian Rebellion, it was tough to run the business, but Jamsetji with his hard work and business-skills managed to extend his family business to Europe, the United States, China, and Japan.

Through his experience, he believed that Indian companies have the scope to develop and compete with the industries dominated by the Britishers. He founded a new trading company in 1868 which later on evolved to become The Tata Group. 

Jamsetji Tata’s enterprises followed fair labor-protection policies and were profitable as well as efficient. He had four major goals: First, establishing a world-class learning institution offering science education to Indians, so In 1898, Jamsetji donated land for constructing IISc, Bengaluru.

Second, setting up iron and steel company, so Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) was founded by Jamshetji Tata and established by Dorabji Tata on 26 August 1907.

Third, a hydroelectric plant, so he set up the hydro-electric plant in 1892 that became the Tata Power company in 1906. And fourth, he wanted to build an unique hotel, as a result, Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai became the India's first luxury hotel in 1903.

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