Japan's Newest Supercomputer Fastest in the World 

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Named Fugaku after Mt. Fuji, Japan's newest supercomputer also nabbed the top positions in three additional categories measuring performance in industrial-based computational methods, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence applications.

This is the first time a supercomputer topped the global rankings in all four categories, according to Riken, reports Kyodo News.

Jointly developed with Fujitsu Ltd. at the institute's facility in Dobe, the supercomputer forms a key foundation for powerful simulations used in not only scientific research, but also military and industrial technologies.

"We were able to stand out in all the key specifications for supercomputers, and demonstrate it is the world's highest performing. 

We expect it will aid in solving difficult societal problems such as the fight against the novel coronavirus," said the institute's computational science center Director Satoshi Matsuoka.

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