Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor Launched

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Samsung Odyssey G9 has been launched as a new entry into Samsung's curved gaming monitor portfolio.

The Odyssey G9 was first unveiled at CES 2020 and boasts of high-end gaming features such as a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time, and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility.

The massive 49-inch panel is also HDR10+ certified. It carries impressive specifications on the inside but does not compromise on aesthetics with its lighting effects on the back and a futuristic design.

Samsung says the Odyssey G9 will be available soon, globally, and has detailed all its features.

Samsung has not shared pricing for the Samsung Odyssey G9 as of yet. However, Samsung said the gaming monitor will go on sale globally this month itself, which means pricing should be revealed in the coming days.

Notably, there is no information on if and when the Odyssey G9 will come to India. The monitor supports 100x100 wall mounting and the stand offers height adjustment, tilt, and swivel capabilities. The Samsung Odyssey G9 weighs 16.7kg.

Talking about the aesthetics, the Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor has “Infinity Core Lighting” on the back which gives 52 colors and 5 lighting effects.

It comes in a glossy white colour with futuristic design on the back and what seems to be a ventilation slit near the top.

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