Gandhi Jayanti 2020: Retelling the best initiatives

Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi’s impact was indelible. He guided India to independence. He forced his countrymen to question their deepest prejudices about caste and religion and violence.

He is best known as ‘Father of the Nation’ and ‘Bapu’. He led nationwide movements and campaigns for India’s independence, eradication of poverty, expanding women’s rights, ending untouchability and establishing Swaraj.

Gandhi's influence on the Muslim population was remarkable. This was evident in his involvement in the Khilafat Movement. After the first World War, the Muslims feared for the safety of their Caliph or religious leader and a worldwide protest was being organised to fight against the collapsing status of the Caliph.

Dandi march- He started focusing on expanding initiatives against untouchability, alcoholism and removal of all bad habits. Salt march mainly known as Salt Satyagraha which began with Dandi march in the year 1930.

From the day he began the Salt March until his death 18 years later, Gandhi infused India with a revolutionary blend of politics and spirituality. He called his action-based philosophy satyagraha, or truth force.

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