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Google has introduced a new feature on Gmail that will allow users to pin a specific Google Chat conversation and also a ‘room' to the top of the list.

▪ This means that the conversation or room will be pinned to the top of the list view in Gmail and the pinned messages can be accessed from the left-hand navigation menu. 

▪ Pinning a conversation will help users keep track of important updates as the conversation will be visible on the top of the Chat list.

▪ A red dot will appear next to pinned conversations with unread messages on integrated Gmail. 

▪ To pin a conversation, navigate to the said conversation under Chat or Rooms. Click on More > Pin. To unpin a conversation, follow the same steps, and click on Unpin.

▪ The feature has begun rolling out to eligible users and will be visible to everyone within a few days. 

▪ It will be available primarily for Google Workspace customers.

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