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Actor Anushka Sharma has always spoken up for animal safety and animal rights, has always harboured a dream to open an animal shelter, a safe haven for strays. 

Virat Kohli has been thoroughly inspired by his wife’s passion for animals and has been looking for opportunities to help strays. 

On the occasion of World Stray Animals’ Day today, through the Virat Kohli Foundation, he has now set up an animal welfare project in Mumbai. 

This is in collaboration with Vivaldis Animal Health and Awaaz- Voice of Stray Animals. In a statement, he said, “since I have met her, I have tried to understand more about animal rights and the urgent need for medical assistance for strays”.

The shelter will be opened in Malad and Boisar, respectively. It will be a temporary rehabilitation centre where animals will be admitted until they recover.

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