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Koo, the Indian answer to Twitter, has announced its new Eminence Criteria in the public domain with yellow ticks, which is the company’s very own verification program.

The program will grant a yellow tick to notable accounts who are eligible for verification, should they apply for the same. The platform calls the Yellow Tick ‘Eminence’.

“A Yellow Tick on Koo recognises and celebrates a user’s eminence, stature, achievements, abilities and professional standing in Indian life. It implies that the user is well-regarded in the Indian framework – be it an artist, scholar, sportsperson, politician, businessperson or any other field,” Koo said in a statement.

The Eminence criteria will be reviewed by “a special team at Koo in March, June, September and December each year”.

The platform also mentioned that it will remove any other unofficial form of appearing to be verified on the platform. “Koo will suspend/remove accounts that use imagery of, or similar to, the Eminence badge to mislead the public about the accounts’ status,” the company said.

Koo has added a Google Docs form you can fill up and submit to apply for verification. Users will also find a whole page of information around Eminence verification on the page and even the removal of the Eminence tick.

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