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•Ranveer Singh recently opened up about how his wardrobe has changed after marrying Deepika Padukone. The couple married in 2018 after dating for a few years. Ranveer, who is known for his experimental fashion choices, said that initially there were difficulties, as he tried to adapt to Deepika and her family.

•During his appearance in Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan Season 7, Ranveer said, “I am still managing. I am still figuring it out. For starters, I have two wardrobes now. When I go to Bangalore, there is a special wardrobe – white T-shirts and blue jeans. I don’t want to throw them off.”

•When Karan asked, “But are there difficult moments when it comes to adaptation?” To this Ranveer said, “Yes, of course. But now we have been together for 10 years. Initially, they were completely thrown away like who is this, what is this? Especially Deepika Padukone’s mom. She did not know what to make of me, honestly. We took time to warm up to each other but now she is like my mom.” 

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